POST100 the 100 MPH turbo charged postie bike

The current 125 cc Australian flying mile non-streamlined motorcycle record was set by a postie bike – 117.096 MPH at Lake Gairdner 2018 (187 km/h)

The bike is a 95% original 1992 CT110 postie bike with added turbo charging, intercooling, water cooling, electronic fuel injection and a beefed up clutch. Wheel base is 1,800 mm and the rake is 38 degrees.  The engine is series compound turbo charged original postie bike engine bored out to 124.1 cc currently producing approximately 60 HP at the real wheel. Fuel is methanol with just a hint of nitro. The barrel is one piece hand made billet aluminium and the head is ported with oversize valves, otherwise the engine is standard postie bike issue – stock crank, stock rod & stock gear box. The centrifugal clutch has been extensively modified.

youtube dyno run

youtube dyno run

youtube salt lake run (big white dyno)

youtube saltlake run

The crew on the salt with the bike 2015 (Danny, Des, Dave & Richie):

Crew 2015